Years 3 and 4 need to self isolate and should not return to school tomorrow, Monday 19th October.

We have been made aware that we have a confirmed positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19) at Morice Town Primary Academy. All the children in years 3 and 4 will have to self isolate and stay at home until after half term. Please see explanatory letters below.

For the parents of children NOT in years 3 and 4 there is a general advice letter.

We look forward to welcoming these children back to school after half term on Tuesday 3rd November.


Please remember:

On entry, we will also be operating a 'thumbs up' procedure rather than asking each child the Daily Health Check  questions. Please familiarise yourself with these statements  as each day you or your child will be expected to confirm via a 'thumbs up' that they apply.

Please refer to the guidance below if you are unsure what to do should you  or your child becomes unwell or comes into contatc with a person who has tested positive to the covid-19 virus.

Many thanks Joe Roberts



This year we will still have to operate under restricted conditions and are requesting that parents and carers do not visit the office  unless absolutely necessary.

Please use  the email addresses below to keep in touch with your child's class teacher. The school's office is open as usual  during usual office hours to take telephone enquiries.

 Please continue follow the advice on social distancing and should you or any member of your family become unwell seek appropriate medical attention. This can be found at,



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