Having high attendance is the single most important factor in determining children's educational achievement at school.

 Research has shown that children who have high attendance also have higher attainment, children whose attendance is below 90% only have a 20% chance of achieving the expected levels in the core subjects at the end of their year.

 It is therefore extremely important that our pupils attend school regularly, as unnecessary time off has a dramatic impact on attainment and progress. We understand that children may be away from school for valid reasons. If your child is unwell please notify the school office on the morning of the first day of their illness.

We will regularly update parents of their child’s current attendance levels. If you child has poor attendance, below 90% then we may refer them to the Education Welfare Team. An Education Welfare Officer visits the school fortnightly and will contact parents to support families in improving their child’s attendance.

If a pupil is taken on an unauthorised holiday during term time and the total number of unauthorised absences in a 12 month period meets the threshold of 11 sessions or more, a penalty notice may be issued.