Welcome to our EYFS Unit!
In our unit we look after each other and our school. Everyday we enjoy exploring our environment and have lots of fun whilst we're learning.
Please find our topic overview which will detail what objectives the children will be focusing on this term.
In our EYFS unit we have a Nursery and Foundation class. All these adults work with all of the children.
Miss O' Leary - Class Teacher
Mrs Fiddler - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dickson- Teaching Assistant (11am onwards)
On a Monday Miss Kennedy will work with us whilst Miss O' Leary plans all our learning experiences!
Autumn- All About Me
Spring- Let's Go on An Adventure
Summer - On Land And In Sea


What happens in Foundation?


Choosing Learning Time: 

A big part of the EYFS curriculum is child led. At Morrice Town the children are allowed time to choose their learning within the continuous provision. This is where your child builds new skills, puts their learning into practise and develops friendships through their activities, games and resources, which they choose to learn through. 


Each day the children learn a new sound and practise their skills in reading, writing and comprehension. They also participate in regular phonics games, to help support their phonological knowledge. As a school we use the Read, Write Ink scheme to teach phonics. 

Carpet Time: 

Here we learn about the term’s current theme, alongside Maths and English.  You can find out more about our themes by looking at the yearly overview. 


The children are always improving on their physical development. Every morning the children do  ‘Wake ‘n’ Shake’ and ‘cosmic yoga'. They also have free dance; the children have a few favourite songs which we sing, dance and exercise to. On top of this the children also follow a real PE program to help develop their skills and understanding of what it means to be healthy. 

Talk Time: 

A key part of Foundations learning is surrounded by developing Oracy skills and shaping children's talk.  Every day the children are given talk time, within this we discuss lots of issues, they may be adult or child led, we also have a philosophy discussion once a week, which provides lots of interesting ideas and talk!

Assembly and Story Time:

At the end of each day  we listen to core stories, which will always be related to the terms theme. We also listen to a range of favourite stories, which the children choose from the reading corner. We also celebrate the children's achievements at the end of each week. This is done through a class assembly where we will celebrate learning and give time for the children to reflect and to share morals or important messages.