Welcome to our EYFS Unit!
In our unit we look after each other and our school. Everyday we enjoy exploring our environment and have lots of fun whilst we're learning.
Please find our topic overview which will detail what objectives the children will be focusing on this term.
In our EYFS unit we have a Nursery and Foundation class. All these adults work with all of the children.
Miss Everitt - Class Teacher
Mrs Walker - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Fiddler - Teaching Assistant
Mrs West- Teaching Assistant (AM)
On a Thursday morning Mr Twynam will work with us whilst Miss Everitt plans all our learning experiences!
Summer 2- Under the Sea and Pirates
Summer 1- Spring and Growing
Platinum Jubilee
The children have enjoyed learning about Queen Elizabeth. We looked at pictures of the queen from past and present and compared them as well as reading stories made for the jubilee. To celebrate we joined the school carrying out different activities such as bunting and crown making and had fun at the jubilee fair,

Our topic this term has been all about spring and growing. To link to our topic we've been learning lots about minibeasts and even had some visitors to the classroom! We watched our caterpillars get fatter, make a cocoon and then turn into a butterfly. We also went for a minibeast hunt around school to see what other bugs we could find and made snails in the style of Matisse. We’ve looked at signs of spring and went on a spring walk, we saw some blossom trees and made our own pictures using broccoli and cauliflower. We went to the farm to learn about animals that are born in Spring and also planted some seeds. We’ve enjoyed playing in the Garden Centre this term. We’ve been writing lists, selling flowers and looking at different plants.

This term, in Jigsaw, we’ve been learning about relationships. We spoke about how to be a good friend, managing our feelings and how what we do and say affect others. The children sorted kind and unkind words and were able to identify different qualities of a good friend. They also drew pictures of their family and spoke about the different roles they have.

This term, in R.E., we’ve been learning about special places. We thought about what places are special to us and why and spoke about holy places that are special to Christians and Muslims. The children designed and made their own Mosques and Churches and spoke about the similarities and differences between the two.

In P.E. this term we’ve been learning to counter balance with a partner. We had to be resilient and trust our partner. We practised keeping our back and arms straight and our toes together.

Spring 1 and 2- Long Ago
Easter celebrations
This term we went to the Church to learn about the Easter story. Reverend Sue showed us some of the holy objects in the Church and explained how/why Christians celebrate Easter. We made Easter nests, cards, gardens, crosses and went on an Easter egg hunt. We also tried hot cross buns and learned that these represent the cross Jesus died on and the tomb he was buried in. The children enjoyed making palm leaves and singing hosanna to represent part of the story.
Spring 1- P.E., music, R.E. and maths.
This term we have been practising our balancing skills. The children had a go at balancing along a rope then using a bench. We then turned the bench over to make this even more difficult, but the children were very resilient and persevered until they could do this without support. In music we practised singing songs, following the pulse and playing the glock. In maths we've been matching numeral to quantity, adding groups and learning numbers up to 8. 
This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. The children loved trying some traditional Chinese food and pretending to cook their own in the role play restaurant. We learned about Abbi and her brother, who are from China, and the things they do to celebrate the new year such as wear red, dragon dancing, good luck notes and decorating the house. We also read the zodiac story to help us understand how the animals were chosen for the new year.
Our first story this term was The Gingerbread Man. The children enjoyed learning the story, making gingerbread men and searching for the gingerbread man around the school. We then read an innovation of the story (The Runaway Pizza). We made pizzas and thought about different foods that could run away for our own version of the story.
Autumn 2- Space and Christmas
So far this term, the children have been learning all about Space through the story of 'Whatever Next'. We've been exploring light and dark, moon craters and watched videos of astronauts in the space station. The children have enjoyed immersing themselves in the story by carrying out various activities in the provision such as plasticine aliens, writing lists, drawing pictures, building rockets and retelling the story using props.
This week we celebrated Anti-bullying Week and Children in Need. The children learnt about the importance of using kind actions and words and accepting differences. They enjoyed decorating odd socks, writing kind words and eating Pudsey biscuits! Last week we made poppies for Remembrance Day and joined assembly with the rest of the school for a 2 minute silence.
Our bonfire role play was a hit this week! The children loved pretending to order from the fast food stall and eat it in front of the fire. They obviously had to pay for the food which encouraged them to do some super counting! We also painted pictures of fireworks and labelled them.
Autumn 1- Superhero Me/Autumn
This term, in R.E., we've been learning about what makes us special and where we belong. As part of this we learnt about Christians and how they're special to God. Reverend Sue from the local church visited to Baptise a baby. The children decided the baby's name should be Alex Kipper.
This term the children have been visited by lots of people who help us. Nurse Will came in and bandaged Miss Everitt's head after a nasty fall off her skateboard. PC Hands and CPO Cunningham came to tell us all about how the Police and Navy help the community. The children decided what they'd like to be when they grow up and drew pictures.
The children loved going on an Autumn Walk to Devonport Park. We found conkers, pine cones, berries, leaves and lots of squirrels.
The EYFS children enjoyed exploring the local area this week as part of their topic ‘Superhero Me’. We saw the park, a post box, the Co-Op and most importantly; Pop-In Chicken! Some of the children also pointed out where the live. 
The children have had a great first week back! Our new children have settled in really well and we've all had lots of fun.
Summer 2- Pirates and Under the Sea
Summer 1- Spring and Growing
Spring 2- Long Ago, Chinese New Year and Easter.
In R.E. this term the children have been learning about why Christians celebrate Easter. We ate hot cross buns and learnt the Easter story. Some of the children made fantastic Easter gardens and we went on a Easter Egg hunt. Happy Easter everyone!
The children enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year. It is the year of the ox so the children worked hard to make their own ox lanterns. We watched some dragon dancing and even attempted to draw some Chinese symbols. We learnt that red is a lucky colour so we all dressed in something red and ate Chinese noodles, prawn crackers and fortune cookies.
Spring 1- Long Ago (Traditional Tales)
The children loved learning the story of “The Gingerbread Man”. They made biscuits in the play dough area and created wanted posters when he ran away. They particularly enjoyed baking gingerbread men.
Autumn 2- Space and Winter
Autumn 1- Superhero Me and Autumn
Spring 2- People Who Help Us and Signs of Spring
For the first two weeks of term the children learnt about people who help us. They had visits from Firefighters, Police Officers and a Nurse. The children also thought about what job they'd like to have when they're older.
Spring 1- Long Ago
This week, in English, we started our new topic. We read the story 'Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs' and received a letter from Tom. He told us that there were some dinosaur eggs hidden in our school! We found the eggs and kept them safe whilst we waited for Tom to collect them. On Friday we received another letter from Tom, he had come to pick up the eggs but one of them had hatched. Watch the video of the T-Rex in our classroom!
Autumn 2- Space and Christmas
The children were visited by the Donkey Sanctuary on Friday. They learnt about how to look after donkey's and all the important work the Donkey Sanctuary do. Did you know the Donkey Sanctuary can be found all around the world, including Bethlehem. We were also lucky enough to meet their mascot Lucky! Before they left we had the opportunity to design our very own Donkey Sanctuary Christmas card. Ask your child about what they learnt.
The Foundation children loved inviting their parents into the classroom for stay and play! Thank you to all the parents who attended, we appreciate your support. We will be hosting our next stay and play in the new year. 
Autumn 1- Superhero Me and Autumn
During Autumn 1 we were learning all about me and what makes us special. When the children started school we decided to take them on a tour to help them settle. We found lots of different places including the library, sensory room and some of the other year groups. Later on in the term we extended our knowledge by thinking about where we lived. We walked all the way through Devonport Park to the library where the librarian read us a story and we received a special book. Lots of the children could point out where they lived on the way there. During English we thought about our emotions and our family. The children thought about what makes them happy and sad and what might make other people feel that way. We then thought about how we could make people feel better and do kind things and what 'being kind' means. We spoke about who is in our family and then we drew pictures and attempted to write mum and dad using the sounds we had learnt. During R.E we spoke about what makes Christians special to God and we met Grace who is from a Christian family. She told us that in the Bible it says God made everyone differently and that is why we are all special. We tested this theory by looking at all the children in the classes fingerprints.
For Multi-cultural week the children learnt all about Scotland. We used our arts and crafts skills to make thistles, flags and Lochness monsters. The children also watched some Scottish dancing and listen to the bag pipes. To make the flags the children had to rip the tissue paper and scrunch it up into balls which supported fine motor skills. To glue them on they used PVA and a glue stick to spread. They also had to choose whether to use glue or tape to attach their stick to hold. Children had to be creative when making their Lochness monsters and use their fine motor to pick up tiny sequins. For the thistles children had to get dirty and paint their hands, believe it or not some children hated this!

The children loved welcoming our new fishy friends to their Home Corner. First we had to set up the tank with lots of fun things and, of course, water. We had to leave the water to settle for 2 days before getting our fish. When they arrived we learnt how to feed and look after them. We also learnt that they are Tropical, which means they like warm water and need a special heater in the tank. Special thank you to Mr and Mrs Birch for giving us the fish.