At Morice Town, we want all our children to develop the skills and competence to use technology to enhance their learning, both in and outside of school. We therefore feel it is essential that school and parents equip every child with knowledge of how to use the internet, social media, emails and streaming services in a may that will not put them or anyone else at risk.

We routinely teach E-safety at an age appropriate level to help children understand how to use IT appropriately. We also provide parents with a range of practical advice and resources, including workshops, to help them understand the types of services their children may be accessing and how to set up parental controls on a range of devices.

When available, we send home the latest edition of ‘Digital Parenting’ which contains essential information on apps, parental settings and how to keep everyone safer when online. Issue 5 can be downloaded by clicking here.

Further information and ‘How to…’ guides are available to download using the links below.