Year 5 - Week Beginning 01.03.21

Welcome to Year 5!
Class Teacher: Mr Gallagher
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Smith
On this page, you will find some very useful information about the learning that you are expected to complete along with some helpful resources. We really hope that these are clear and easy enough for you to use but if you do have any questions at all about anything, please do not hesitate to send an email to:
Throughout our school day, we realise that there are many challenges and obstacles that the children have to overcome. With that in mind, a great way that we conquer these are by encouraging children to ROARR. This means means being ResilientOpenAspirationalReflective and Resourceful in their learning both inside and outside of school. This will make them successful in what they try to achieve so give it a go at home and please tell us if your child has ROARRed by emailing so I can celebrate this with them!
Notes about LearninPacks
The plan for your child's remote learning for the next six week is as follows:
On a Friday, a weekly pack of work will be left in the porch (near the school office) for you to collect (from 12 noon onwards). This will include:
5 English Activities
5 Reading Activities
5 Maths Activities
1 Science/Topic Activity
1 PSHE (personal, social, health education) Activity
A book will be provided so your child can record their science, topic and PSHE work. A knowledge organiser will be in this book with important facts to learn and research. We will mark this work at February half term so. You do not need to bring the science, topic and PSHE book into school on a Friday.
At the same time as collecting work, please ensure you drop off the previous week's English, Reading and Maths work. That way, we can offer feedback to your child via email. It is vitally important for your child to complete this work and receive feedback about how to improve further and maintain progress.
In addition to the weekly work packs, you will be able to find helpful videos for the English learning on this webpage. Furthermore, in order of helping the children complete their maths learning, I have uploaded a video on YouTube (please see the links below) which tell you exactly what you need to do, along with some really helpful hints and tips so we hope this helps!
We are determined to ensure your child makes the best possible progress during this unfortunate period of school closure. Please continue to support us in making this happen.
Once again, if you have any questions about any of the learning, please send an email to
ERI- Everyone Reading in Class
Every week in our ERIC learning, you will be expected to complete 5 different activities. In Monday's lesson, there will be video uploaded onto the school's YouTube page (see the link below) where I will be reading the text and breaking it down, giving you some really useful hints and tips on how to answer the questions in Tuesday's, Wednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's lessons.
This week, the text is linked to 'Fairtrade Fortnight' which is a two week event which is celebrated each year at the end of February and start of March. Thousands of individuals, companies and groups across the UK come together to share the stories of people who grow our food and drinks, mine our gold and who grow the cotton in our clothes. However, as these people are often exploited and underpaid, it is important that we raise the awareness of offering FAIR TRADE!
Starting from this week, English will work a little differently as all of the guidance and teaching that you will be given will be found in the links below.
We have started using a very helpful website called Oak National Academy where all of the teaching videos can be found with an aim of finally creating an amazing piece of independent writing linked to all of the teaching videos. With that in mind, the children will not be given any worksheets but instead will be given lined paper and will be expected to write the date and learning objective at the top of the page - just like they do in their books. This learning will then need to be put inside of their packs ready to be returned on Friday!
As this is the second week of our two-week block of writing, the children will be developing their biographies in more detail! I cannot wait to see them on Friday :)
If you need any help with completing these daily activities, do not hesitate to get in touch on the email
Thank you for your cooperation during this challenging and strange time!
In Maths this week, the children will complete their learning in the same way that they learnt last week. In class this was a great success and have no doubt that the children at home will be just as fantastic as they are familiar with what needs to be done!
To begin with, at the start of each day's activity, the children will have a 'Power Up' (warm up) to complete. Following that, there will be a series of 'Learning Opportunities' that will need to be worked on but as you can see, these do get more challenging so if you're feeling really resilient, you will give them all a good go! There are also ROARR challenges to complete so be aspirational and try those too for extra Dojos! :)
In order of helping the children with this, there will be a video for each day's activity uploaded onto the Year 5 YouTube page (please see the links below!) However, as Friday's activity provides the children with an opportunity to show what they've remembered, they can simply go back and watch parts of each video uploaded below.
As an extra challenge, I have made sure that I have made a mistake with one my problems so if your child is able to notice that after watching the video and working out the problem, please get in touch at as I will award additional Dojos for 1. Showing that they are engaging with the videos that are being uploaded and 2. Showing that they are fully focused and giving every Learning Opportunity a good go! Good luck finding it guys!
If you do have any questions about the maths learning, please do not hesitate to get in touch at
In this week's topic activity, the children will be expected to create two brief character descriptions linked to the Greek Gods. With that in mind, they can use the YouTube video (please see below) to find out all about some of the different Gods before choosing the two that they are going to write about. However, for extra Dojos, the children can complete some extra research on the two Gods that they've chosen so they can write some even more interesting facts! 
Also, remember that if you do need a little extra help completing this activity, I am only an email away so do not hesitate to get in touch at :)
With the lockdown posing real challenges, one way to stay fit and healthy is through regular exercise. With that in mind, this week, the children are expected to take part in some form of physical activity and we have provided you with the links to the Joe Wicks PE lessons each day. However, we thought it would also be nice to start trying out some yoga as this is known to relax both the mind and body! It also has many other physical and mental benefits so we have attached a link below to a really engaging set of videos on YouTube! We hope you have fun!