RWI Phonics and Reading

RWI Phonics and Reading
Welcome to our Read Write Inc phonics and reading page. Here is a variety of videos and tasks for children to complete. This work will be different depending on the group they are in.
Your child will know whose phonics group they are in but if not please email their class teacher.
Please watch a reading video and then a spelling video for each sound and complete the writing task given in the video.
They will also have in their packs a reading book for that week. The children must:
  • Read the sounds on the first couple of pages,
  • Read the story Green words,
  • Read the Red words,
  • Practice the Speedy Green words (at the back),
  • Read the book, at least, 3 times over the week.
If your child is in Miss Rood's ERIC (Everybody Reading In Class) group, watch the video for longer words, read the story either using the images below or using the books in their packs and complete the Reading Dogs sheets in your packs.
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Miss Rood's Blue group
Below is a link to a video that will help you read longer a-e, ay and a words and a copy of this week's book you will be learning - Jellybean. 
There is also a video with Miss Rood modelling how to read the story at home.
Have a go at reading this each time you answer questions that have been sent home in your packs.
Try and become a fluent reader with a storyteller's voice. Don't read like a robot!
(Watch and dance to the Go Noodle - Don't read like a robot YouTube clip to wake yourself up before you get started)
Miss Everitt's Speed sound
The children may find that they have already done these but repeat them as it is all good practice.
Can you video your child completing these sounds and send them to your class teacher via email?