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Core values

ROARR at Morice Town!

Your child may have come home talking about ROARR recently. ROARR stands for Morice Town's learning dispositions:

  • Resourceful
  • Open
  • Aspirational
  • Resilient
  • Reflective

Children who display positive learning dispositions are most likely to do well at school. The school is currently involved in improving pupils’ attitudes towards their learning through ‘Visible Learning.’ One of the essential parts of a teacher’s role is to make clear to pupils ‘how they are doing’ and ‘where they are going’ in their learning. We will be talking a lot more about learning rather than the tasks they are completing. When they are clear about their own abilities, pupils can accelerate their progress.

We will be continuing our ‘Visible learning’ journey with our pupils so please support us by asking them about their learning and our ROARR dispositions.

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