Year 4 Term 6 13th July

Year 4 Home Learning
PE - Each day, we are still encouraging children to take part in the 'Exercise with Joe Wicks' activity on YouTube. This will allow children to stay active, fit and healthy while not being able to do their usual two hours of high quality PE each week when at school.
English - The children will now have to complete one writing task, one spelling task, one handwriting task, one spelling, punctuation and grammar task and one reading task each week. However, we will still be encouraging children to read on a daily basis, whether that's on their own, to a parent or to a sibling!
Maths - We will continue to use the White Rose resources where we will provide links to the website where you will be able to watch activity specific videos before completing the activity sheets. However, similar to last week, there will only be four activities to complete so on Friday, please take some time to develop your multiplication confidence through the use of TT Rockstars or the Topmarks Maths website.
Just for Fun - The Just for Fun activities have been updated, with a few more ideas of different, engaging tasks that you can do. Remember though, these are just some of the things that you can do to have fun while also learn some great life-skills so if you can think of any yourself, please share these with us by uploading some photos to the school's Facebook page or emailing us on the email address below!
Please see a timetable which you can use if you're a little unsure how this would work on a day-to-day basis - we hope it helps but if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to send any questions to
Throughout the reading activity, can you please read the comprehension,  to yourselves or to an adult and then work through the comprehensions attached. 
When completing the spelling activity, it is absolutely fine for you to use the Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling List that we have attached but only do this if you're finding the specific word a real challenge! Give it a go without it if you can, remembering to use your neatest handwriting and to ROARR! :)
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) Activity
In the document below, there are activities for the children to work through  as carefully as possible, writing the answers straight into your books. If you have to use the internet to help with your understanding of some of the things within the SPaG activity, that's absolutely fine! The answer sheets are also attached so once you have finished, you can mark them :)
Using the worksheet below, can you please practise copying the poem in your fanciest handwriting.  Just remember to really take your time when forming your letters! :)
This weeks writing activity will be based upon 'Schools Around The World', can you look at the picture and read the  extract.

Please follow the instructions on the link.

White Rose Maths Activities
Please can you carefully work through each of the White Rose maths activities. However, it is recommended that you go to the link below, where you will be able to watch activity specific videos to help you solve each problem.
Once you have accessed the website, please click on Summer Term - Week 12 (w/c 13th July) and watch the video for the specific activity that you're completing. We hope these help!
Remember, on the fifth day, can you please develop your multiplication confidence by using TT Rockstars and Topmarks Maths games :)
Similar to every week, the children are expected to take part in some form of physical activity and we have provided you with the links to the Joe Wicks PE lessons each day. However, we thought it would also be nice to start trying out some yoga as this is known to relax both the mind and body! It also has many other physical and mental benefits so we have attached a link below to a really engaging set of videos on YouTube! We hope you have fun :)
Just for Fun
Please choose some of the tasks off of the 'Just for Fun' grid below. This list is not exhaustive and you can choose to do other projects which interest you but we have also provided a link to a really nice website where you can complete some online mindfulness colouring so please give it a go! We have also added a nice music activity for you to try so please share your creativity with us by uploading pictures onto the school's Facebook page or by emailing photographs to us at :)