Week 1 22/02/21

Welcome to the Year 4 Home Learning Page. 
Each week you will be expected to complete these following activities from your paper pack: 
5 Maths activities
5 English activities 
5 Reading activities 
1 Science/Topic activities
1 PSHE (personal, social, health education) activity
A book will be provided for you to record science, topic and PSHE work. A knowledge organiser will be in this book with important topic facts to learn and research. We will mark this work at February half term so keep it at home until then. 
Maths, English and Reading work should be completed on worksheets or lined paper provided as this needs to be returned to school every Friday when the new pack is picked up. 
Miss Jennings or Mrs Partington will look at the work and email feedback the following week. 
In addition to the weekly packs, you will be provided with maths video links and videos guiding you through the English activities that can be found below. 
We really hope that these are clear and easy enough for you to use but if you do have any questions at all about anything, please do not hesitate to send an email to: year4@moricetownprimary.co.uk
Throughout our school day, we realise that there are many challenges and obstacles that the children have to overcome. With that in mind, a great way that we conquer these are by encouraging children to ROARR.
This means also being Resilient, Open, Aspirational, Reflective and Resourceful in their learning both inside and outside of school. This will make them successful in what they try to achieve so give it a go at home and please tell us if your child has ROARRed by emailing year4@moricetownprimary.co.uk so I can celebrate this with them!
In Maths this week, the children will complete their learning slightly differently. However, they will be familiar with the layout of the worksheets because they will be very similar to how maths is completed in class.
To begin with, at the start of each day, the children will have a 'Power Up' (warm up) to complete. Following that, there will be a series of 'Learning Opportunities' that will need to be worked on but as you can see, these do get more challenging so if you're feeling really resilient, you will give them all a good go! There may also be some challenges to complete so be aspirational and try those too for extra Dojos! :)
In order of helping the children with this, there will be a video for each day's activity uploaded onto the Year 4 YouTube page (please see the links below!)
If you do have any questions about the maths learning, please do not hesitate to get in touch at year4@moricetownprimary.co.uk
Monday 22nd February - Read the text 'Planet Earth'. Highlight or underline any unfamiliar words and find the definition- use a dictionary or ask an adult to help you.
Tuesday 23rd February - Word Detectives - Answer questions from a text.
                                   Answer in complete sentences, using capital letters and full stops.
Wednesday 24th February - Answer inference questions from a text.
                                       Answer in complete sentences, using capital letters and full stops.
Thursday 25th February - Building Block - Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary questions.
                                    Answer in complete sentences, using capital letters and full stops.
Friday 26th February - Answer extended questions from a text.
                                Answer in complete sentences, using capital letters and full stops.
Starting from this week, English will work a little differently as all of the guidance and teaching that you will be given will be found in the links below.
We have started using a very helpful website called Oak National Academy where all of the teaching videos can be found with an aim of finally creating an amazing piece of independent writing linked to all of the teaching videos. With that in mind, the children will not be given any worksheets but instead will be given lined paper and will be expected to write the date and learning objective at the top of the page - just like they do in their books. This learning will then need to be put inside of their packs ready to be returned on Friday!
The video links that you will need for each lesson are below.  Click on the link to to watch the video.  The video links will guide you through the lesson and will help you to successfully complete the learning each day, please use the link below and it will explain how to complete each activity.
If you need any help with completing these, do not hesitate to get in touch on the email year4@moricetownprimary.co.uk
Thank you for your cooperation during this challenging and strange time!




Tuesday 23rd February 2021

IALT - Find information on Claude Monet


1 – Read the information on the power point that is included in this pack.

The power point will also be on the Morice Town webpage in the home learning section.


2 – Find out: What type of painter was he?

How did he use light and seasons in his pieces of artwork?


3 – In your pack is an image of Monet’s self -portrait from 1886, please glue them into your red topic books.


4 – Create a mind-map fact-file on Monet. Use the information from the power point and use your chrome book or other electrical device to find as much information as you can about Monet. For example, you could find out: When was he born? When did he die? Where was he born? Did he have any family? How did he become a painter? Where did he live?