Year 2 - Week Beginning 29th June 20

This week you have:

  • 5 English activities. 
    • 1 Writing task
    • 1 Spelling or 1 phonics task
    • 1 Sentence task
    • 1 Handwriting task
  • Share Story comprehension and activities.
  • 4 Maths lessons from White Rose and a challenge.
  • A Science activity
  • Just for fun activities (This will rotate every 3 weeks).

Please see the timetable for guidance on how this should look each day.

This learning is the minimum expectation. If the children have other learning which interests them, you can also get them to complete it and sent to me in the Google Classroom or through email.
If you would like any information or need anything feel free to email me at
Mr Woodgates and Mr Caves
English Activities
The children will now have to complete one writing task, one Spelling or Phonics task, one Sentence task, one Handwriting task, one Grammar task and one Reading task each week.
We will still be encouraging children to read on a daily basis, whether that's on their own, to a parent or to a sibling!
English Writing task
This week your task is to write a life cycle of a butterfly. All animals are born, they get older and bigger and some animals will have children. In the end, all animals die. We call this a life cycle.
Spellings Activity
Complete either of the spelling activities below. 
Then use the Year 1 and 2 Common exception words Spelling List that we have attached but only do this if you're finding the specific word a real challenge!
Phonics activity 
There are Phase 3 and Phase 5 resources below.
Using the worksheet below, can you please practise writing the words as neatly as possible straight into your books at least five times. Remember to form your tall letters tall and your short letters short and do not forget to join
Share a Story text and resources
Below, you have the ebook and resources 
You can read it or you can ask someone in your family to help you read it.
Maths Activities
Please find this week's maths resources for the week.
Write the answers to these either on sheets in your pack or in your exercise books.
Alongside this, you are still encouraged to use Mathletics and TT Rockstars/Numbots as much as possible and complete weekly battles.
Check out Mr Twynam's Science page for ideas here:

We are going to be scientists!! There are lots of different science experiments and prompt cards. Choose some to explore over the next 3 to 4 weeks. Encourage children to ask questions and use their observations to explain what happened.

Topic Work

Our Topic this term is ‘Great Explorers’!

We are going to learn about different explorers this term. Over the next 3 to 4 weeks I would like you to find out about:

  • Ibn Battuta
  • Robert Falcon Scott

Use the resources in the home learning packs, and the links and PowerPoints on the website to learn about each explorer.

I would then like you to complete the activities provided and/or display your knowledge in a creative way. Maybe you could make a poster, booklet, or your own information video!

Then, I would like you to design a stamp for your favorite explorer to remember them and what they have achieved.

Just for Fun Activities
Just for Fun - We have put together a range of fun and engaging activities for you to complete. These are just ideas that provide the children with the opportunity to have fun while also learning some great life-skills. Here is the list of possible 'Just for Fun'  activities that could be enjoyed over the next few weeks. Don't forget to upload/send photographs to share your child's learning! Enjoy!