Phonics and Reading

It is our belief that reading is the single most important skill a child needs and as such we want to ensure that every child at Morice Town leaves us being able to read well.

Phonics is taught daily in the infants through half hour sessions. The school uses Letters and Sounds as its chosen program supplemented by Jolly Phonics.

Children in Years 3-6, who have gaps in their phonics knowledge, continue with phonics based intervention programmes.

Home Reading Books
We expect all our children to read regularly at home. We provide a variety of reading books for the children to borrow. These may be linked to the phonic program (eg. books containing the words/sounds currently or previously taught) or ‘Free reads’. The books are organised in coloured bands which the children move up through. This information is used to help teachers select ability appropriate reading materials for each child and to monitor their progress in reading comprehension.