Parent Questionnaire 2020

Lockdown Questionnaire Results for Morice Town Primary Academy

43 Morice Town parents responded.


Parents’ Responses:

Morice Town

% of families who made use of the paper packs.


% of families who accessed the school’s website.


% of families who reported that their child/children engaged in home learning.


% of parents who felt the contents of the packs were appropriate for their child’s age/ability.


% of parents who felt the phone calls home were helpful in providing support for their child/children.


% of foundation parents who found Tapestry, phonics, letter formation and Story Time useful.


% of parents who judged the school’s communication through the website, Facebook, texts and phone calls. (1 not at all good-10 excellent)

7-10 86%

What the school did well during lockdown (Morice Town):

  • Making sure not just my daughter but my whole family were OK or needed anything, can't thank them enough.
  • Always made sure I was up to date with any information, provided work for the children and the weekly phonecalls was amazing as it put my mind at ease with any worries I had.
  • Being proactive from the start with scheduling a good range of weekly assignments and keeping in contact with the children.
  • Constant encouragement and support. The work packs, the food packages, the phone calls and emails. All of it was amazing!

What the school could have done better (Morice Town):

  • Been a little clearer on who could and couldn’t come back to school.
  • Maybe having zoom sessions.

Other comments from parents:

Fantastic support to all the family, very professional and informative

 I found phone calls helpful as my daughter needs help a lot.

The level of pastoral support has been great, the TT rockstars battles early on were great. The posting on Facebook has also helped the children at home see and keep in touch with school

 Think everyone worked really hard and would like to thank each and every one of them.

 Thank you to everyone for working so hard during this difficult time and for the weekly phone calls.

 Only that you should all be very proud of yourselves and we thank you all.

 Thank you so much.

"Amazing school-Amazing staff "

 Really impressed with the service they have continued to provide even through the difficult times. As parents we have been informed of any changes made. The school has been understanding of the child needing to be picked up at different times and have accommodated this.