Ofsted Report November 2019

 Dear Parents/Carers,

I am pleased to be able to tell you that Ofsted have recognised that Morice Town pupils are “safe and well cared for”. Importantly, the inspectors noted that leaders’ work is beginning to have a notable impact on improving the school and that we are working with “determination” on the right areas. 

Ofsted have judged that the academy is “Good” in two categories: leadership and management and pupils’ personal development. However, given the academy is in the early days of addressing all areas of improvement, the school can only be graded overall as “requires improvement” at this point in time.

As you know, I have been leading the school since September 2018, and in that time, much has been achieved. This builds on improvements made more generally since Morice Town joined Reach South. Over the last three years, our results in reading, writing and maths tests have improved by 29%. Children’s progress in all three subjects has also improved from well below the national standard to now being in line with national expectations.

Ofsted recognised this rate of improvement in their report, noting that teaching at the school is improving and that our pupils are beginning to learn more and do better at school as a result. Leaders are also working hard to ensure that pupils’ attitudes to learning and their attendance improves.

Ofsted point out that pupils’ personal development is well promoted, and that leaders have taken effective action to ensure that pupils’ physical and mental health is a priority. They note that children are provided with a number of opportunities to take responsibility and support each other, and can access a broad range of different sports and activities. They also highlight that pupils’ behaviour is generally good; they take pride in their work and look out for each other.

Overall, staff told the Ofsted inspectors that they are well supported by school leaders and that their welfare is considered when decisions are made. They are positive about the changes leaders are making to the school, and believe that leaders are clear in what to target. 

Whilst there is much we are proud of in the report, we are clear that there is still more that needs to be done. These include:

  • We need to continue working on embedding our new curriculum across the full range of subjects so that pupils do not have gaps in their in their knowledge and understanding.
  •  Ensure teachers have strong subject knowledge so that they can improve reading  within the curriculum and ensuring that pupils can read with good fluency and understanding.
  • Pupil attendance is also an area we need to work harder on, as pupils are not coming into school regularly enough and as a result have gaps in their learning

I want to reassure you that everyone at the academy and the Reach South team will continue to do everything we can to ensure that the school provides the education that our children and families deserve.

Joe Roberts

Executive Headteacher

Reach South