Key Stage Two

Easter Activity Pack!
With Easter upon us, we thought it would be a great idea to provide the children with some fun activities to complete during the Easter half term. With that in mind, please see the different activities below! We cannot wait to see some photographs of the children's learning so please keep up updated :)
We also encourage children to use and explore the educational websites that are on the 'Useful Websites' page on our website. This can als be found under 'Home Learning' but if you do have any problems accessing these, please let us know!
Family Fun Activities
The activities below are simply aimed at having fun and showing your creativity! You can use the internet to inspire you if you want to and working with your family on these is encouraged so please get stuck in! Again, we cannot wait to see some of your amazing work! :)
Please can you give the two reading comprehension activities a good go. One is linked to Spring and one is linked to Easter so we have tried to find some that are linked to the half term that you are on!
As you will be able to see, the reading booklets are suitable for children of different abilities so if you're finding them tricky, try the 'One Star' booklet and if you want to be really aspirational, give the 'Three Star' booklet a go!
Whichever one you choose, simply write the answer straight into your books if you don't have a printer - Good luck and remember to ROARR!
Please can you give the two writing activities a go. They can both be completed in your books but please try your hardest when forming your letters! If you get stuck, we have tried to give you a little bit of guidance but you can use the internet to help you if you want :)
Please give these fun maths challenges a go! If you don't have a printer, you can write the answers straight into your books - just remember to form your letters and numbers as neatly as possible. You could be really aspirational and try them all!