The School has established a 2 year rolling programme with themes that link as many of the curriculum subjects together. We feel this provides a sense of purpose behind the learning and provides many more opportunities for the children to apply knowledge of one subject into the learning of another.


Teaching the core skills is paramount to what we do. Reading is the bedrock of our curriculum. We introduced Everyone Reading in Class ,ERIC, last year and it having a positive impact on pupils reading skills. Children in Key Stage 1 are taught phonics and reading through the Read Write Inc program supplemented with Oxford Reading Tree books. The children progress onto the accelerated reading program further up the school.

There is a strong focus in school on creative activities and the school has a long tradition for working with creative partners from outside school to enhance the learning experience for children and teachers alike. 

A copy of the school’s Rolling Programme is available below.


Information on the National Curriculum is available here